Services Golf Club COVID-19 pandemic measures

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Services Golf Club will be taking the following measures until further notice: (Reference: Government Gazette Vol 657, 18 March 2020, No 43107)



  • Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 30 MINUTES PRIOR to your allocated TEE OFF
  • Please leave the premises not more than 30 MINUTES AFTER the completion of your ROUND.
  • Should you pay with a card, please ask the Pro Shop / Halfway House / Bar to use the CARD TAP service
  • Hackers Bar (Pizza Only) and Half House will remain open although we strongly recommend TAKE-AWAY.
  • Strict hygiene protocol – please WASH or SANITISE your hands at all service points BEFORE SERVICE / PAYMENT as per identified stations. Please wash or sanitise your hands at least EVERY HOUR.
  • Social distancing will be enforced – NO handshakes, NO Contact between players. Remain a SAFE DISTANCE of at least 1M from other individuals.
  • We recommend only one player per cart at a reduced rate, should 2 persons share a cart normal rates will apply.


  • Morning and Afternoon Fields will be limited to 80 players per field.
  • At no given time would more than 50 people be allowed at the Bar Area. (e.g.: You may be requested to kindly leave the premises should you already have completed your round and exceeded the 30min guideline.)
  • No competitions will be held, social play only.
  • No functions will be held.
  • The Bar and Halfway House will be closed at 18:00 Monday – Saturday, and 13:00 on Sundays, no individual will be served after the set time. Individuals might also be requested to take their beverages in a take-away cup after operating hours.
  • All tables, chairs and other surfaces will be disinfected every 20min; please tolerate the staff for any inconvenience caused.
  • The Hackers Bar & Smokers Area will be closed until further notice – Pizza’s will still be available to order form the Lapa Bar.
  • Staff will be limited – please make use of self-service at the Bar.




"Play one of the oldest golf courses in Pretoria, with history of the hefty tree course dated back to the 1920s."

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