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Are you playing the right ball for your game?
Playing the wrong ball can definitely hurt your game in more ways than one.

With the variety of golf balls on the market, its hard for an amateur with an average swing speed to select the best golf ball that also delivers the best performance for your money.

Generally speaking, the more complex the golf ball (layer construction, core, cover, dimple design, compression, spin, & control), the more expensive the golf ball. Since the Titleist ProV1 is the #1 ball played on the PGA Tour & European Tour, amateurs flock stores and websites to buy them and they usually cost around 800-900 bokke per dozen. That would be understandable if you lost very few golf balls, had a swing speed over 100mph(160km/h) and had deep pockets.

Fact is that there are numerous golf balls on the market that meet the needs of all golfers, Regardless of skill level. So I ranked them based on swing speed, handicaps and overall value.
General Rules of Thumb.

Core: Stiffer/harder core generates greater spin and feel while a larger core produces more power & increase speed.
Dimples: The larger and shallower the dimple, the higher the flight of the golf ball.
Cover. Urethane is thinner and softer so it offers more control and feel on approach shots and chips while Surlyn is typically harder and is used for distance and durability so it delivers less spin.

Layers Construction: Multi-layered balls are more complex and expand control and feel. There are Two, Three and even four piece golf balls available on the marker. Two–layered golf balls are usually best for be-ginner golfers.

Swing speed over 100mph (0-9 Handicaps / Pros)
1)Srixon Zstar & XV (Typically priced below others in the elite ball category without sacrificing any performance
2) Callaway Chrome Soft ( Unbelievable value and has been up there with the big dogs for a while now.
3) Taylormade Tour Preffered ( TM has continued improvement with there golf balls)
4) Bridgestone B330S ( One of the most underrated golf balls in this category. Tiger might have something to say about this.
5 )Titleist ProV1 / Pro V1X ( #1 Ball in golf for a reason but it comes at a steep price.)
6) Nike RZN Black/Platinum ( Rory Schwartzel & Michelle Wie would not play with a second teer ball, Also on the high side of the price list.)

Swing speed 75mph-95MPH ( 11 - 22 Handicap /Majority of Amateur Golfers)
1) Taylormade Project A ( Taylormade designed this ball to give amateurs the desired spin on approach shots and chips around the greens)
2) Srixon Q Star ( value for your money.)
3) Srixon AD333 / Tour ( Good Ball at a decent price.)

4)Titleist NXT Tour ( Decent performance and durable with a slightly upscale price tag)
Swing speed less than 75mph (22+ Handicap / Beginners & coffin dodgers’’matured’’ (gaan straps kry vir die een))
1) Srixon Soft Feel ( Srixon produces another solid golf ball with a price point to match)
2) Nike PD Soft ( Recommended when you need a little extra meters of the tee)
3) Callaway Supersoft ( Provides nice value and fair control around the greens)
4) Pinnacle ( When you ran out of balls and your playing partner chucks you a pinnacle. Your go to ball)
5) Titleist DT Solo ( Titleist most economical golf ball but your buying the brand. Not performance here.)

I hope this is helpful to all our members here at Services GC.


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