Nov 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Members!
The EXCOM is constantly striving to make your golfing experience more enjoyable, therefore we are more than willing to discuss your suggestions in this regard. Changes are required for time to time in order to create a pleasurable round of golf for all our members and valued visitors.

Golf Director:

Congratulations to Juan De Bruin with his appointment as our new Golf Director! With this appointment comes a huge responsibility and therefore Tommie Brits was also appointed to assist Juan during the Golf Shopfs daily operations. We wish them all the best with their new endeavours.

Administration of score cards:
Firstly, while working through the Monthly Medal and Eclectic score cards recently, I've come across a trend that is slowly becoming a norm. During individual competitions, a competitor is required to submit his/ her own score card on which his score and his marker's score must reflect. The habit of submitting two (2) players and two (2) markers score on one score card during individual competitions will no longer be allowed. In future, only Player 'A' on the scorecard will be recognised during individual competitions, permitted that Player's 'A' score is verified by a marker with corresponding scores.

Secondly, it remains the player's responsibility to ensure his score card is correct before himself and the marker sign the correctness thereof. I've come across numerous score cards that did not correspond with the marker's version on the score cards. In such instances, an imposing penalty will be in the form of disqualification (DQ) from the competition. Please ensure that your score card cards correspond with your marker's version before submitting it to the Golf Shop or the scorecard box.

Lastly, proper samplesof completed scorecards are on display around notice boards at the club. This rule is clear in the domestic rules and is not arguable since it remains the player's responsibility to adhere to these requirements. Please familiarise yourself in order to avoid the dreaded DQ.

Eclectic 2018:
The new competition cycle starts on 2nd December 2017. Please enter and pay at the Golf Shop to secure your entry for the 2018 Eclectic competition. A revision of the prizes has been approved by the EXCOM and I will communicate more on this issue in next edition of the newsletter.
Participants. please note that the individual scorecard needs to be marked clearly with the words 'ECLECTIC' on the top.

Course Rating:
The purpose of course rating is to provide a uniform comparative basis for the computation of handicaps between clubs wherever situated. Course rating is expressed in strokes. Course ratings must be indicated on a Club's score card. Distance and the ability of the scratch golfer are the prime considerations in course rating.

The clubs were encouraged in 2013 to develop a set of forward tees using a combination of the front of existing men's tees and the back of some ladies tees, and to have this set of "Forward Tees" rated by their Provincial Union. These Forward Tees could be used by shorter hitters and older players, and allow them to record handicap scores, in the same manner as the other tees.

The following course ratings have been approved by the Union for Services Golf Club:
Women . RED rated 71
Senior . 65 Years . BLUE rated 69
Club . WHITE rated 72
Championship . YELLOW rated 73

After the official rating were certified by the GNGU, clubs were encouraged to allow senior players over the age of 65 to elect to compete off the forward tees in club competitions by adjusting their handicaps downwards by the difference in the Standard Rating (SR) of the forward tee and the SR of the tee from which the club competition is taking place. This also applies to women golfers competing against men in club competitions.

There are exceptions to the above:
Where a Mixed-Better Ball competition is played, the official handicap of the women will be used and not SR.
Forward Tees/ Senior Tees/ Reduced distance Markers- BLUE:
The Blue markers on the course are a reduced distance version with a SR 69 rating. It can be played during competitions days, once you are over the age of 65. In order to do so, written approval is required from the EXCOM.An application form has been posted on the for your convenience.

NB:To ensure that handicaps with different a stroke ratings are recorded when playing of the Blue markers, the adjusted handicap will be recorded on the score card and the uncorrected handicap in brackets.

Example: A player who has an official handicap of 22, will record the handicap on the score card as follows when playing from the Blue Markers:
HCP: 19 (22)

NOTE: A complete extract from Handicaps Network Africa - FAQ has been posted on the notice board.

News from the course:
Beer bottle caps are becoming a huge problem around the course over the past year. Besides that, fact that it is presenting an undesirable mess, it also causes damage to our course maintenance equipment, in particular the lawn mowers. Please help the course staff by picking-up the caps if you see themscattered around. If the problem persists, the EXCOM will be left with no other option but to sell only opened refreshments on the course.

We are still waiting for the city council to attend to the rehabilitation of the area around the back of the 11th hole.

  • Upcoming golf days:

JANKE Cup at Pretoria West on the29th November 2017 - Entry listswill be posted by our Club Captain on the announcement board. Please note this is an away fixture and we will need all your support to retain the JANKE Cup.

TheSA LONG DRIVE ACADEMYwill host an event on the 4th December 2017. The 10th hole will be used for the event and we are expecting close to 60 competitors.

On a lighter note!.. GOLF LAW # 8:
Topping that little marble weighing less than 46 grams, is the most painful torture known to mankind

Take special care of your course. Please repair your bunkers and pitch marks during play.

Have fun and keep it on the short stuff!


"Play one of the oldest golf courses in Pretoria, with history of the hefty tree course dated back to the 1920s."

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