• Total time for 18 holes should be 4 hours 30 minutes, including halfway house.
  • Suspension of play due to a dangerous situation.
    • One prolonged note of sire: discontinue play immediately and proceed to the main building
    • Two short notes of siren: resume play

Note to Rule 6-8b

  • The Club reserves the right to impose a penalty for the breach of any of the club rules.
  • Disclaimer: The club will not be liable for any loss, damage and/or injury to any person and/or item of property arising out of any circumstances whatsoever whilst on the premises of and/or whilst using the facilities of this club. Members and visitors making use of the facilities of the club further indemnify the club against any claim arising from any loss, damage or injury however occasioned.

""In 1967 a committee was formed and a memorandum proposed which was later approved by the minister of defence and in 1969 Services Country Club came into existence."

Services GC