Please take note of the following extract from the SAGA Handicap Manual:

12.4 Exceptional Performance

Determining when a player’s handicap does not correctly reflect their ability to score is not an easy task. The SAGA Handicap System adopts two approaches, the first is part of the handicap computation and the second requires manual intervention by the club handicapping committee.

12.4.1 Handicap Computation

Whenever a player enters a new score on the handicap system, an exceptional performance test is performed against this score. Where this differential is at least 3 lower than the player’s handicap, at the time of the round, the score is marked as exceptional on the system. An immediate recalculation will take place when a player enters their second exceptional score within their last 20 rounds. This player’s handicap calculation will then be based on the best 8 scores of the player’s last 20 scores rather than the standard 10. This process will be repeated for each additional exceptional score entered, for as long as there are two or more exceptional scores in the players last 20.

12.4.2 Manual Intervention

Where players are deemed to be playing off an incorrect handicap by the club handicap committee, the appropriate change to the player’s handicap shall be made to the player’s handicap on the SAGA handicap system through the administration interface. This can be done by making use of the “Freezeā€Ÿ handicap function. The player should then be informed of their revised handicap.

There may be cases where a player frequently wins Better-Ball competitions, yet posts net scores that result in little or no handicap change. In these cases the Handicapper may apply the following formula to such player’ s Better-Ball gross scores:

RG = Par + A – P

Where: RG = Revised Gross, Par = Par of the course played, A = Allowance, P = Number of pars A is calculated as 18 + (Par of Course – Standard Rating). If the player’s handicap exceeds 18, then A is further adjusted by adding (Handicap – 18) to A. P is the total number of Pars made by the player in a round. Each Birdie is to count as two Pars and each Eagle to count as three Pars.

Should the Revised Gross (RG) be less than the Gross Score recorded on the player’s card, then the Revised Gross may be substituted for the Gross Score. When this gross is altered, the resultant net score should be tested for Interim Revision (Refer Section 9.2.5) Any adjustment to the players handicap using this formula shall be communicated to the player and allow the player a reasonable opportunity to explain the reason for their scores.

This serves as a notice that the SGC Handicap Committee will in future enforce the above mentioned handicap control method.

""In 1967 a committee was formed and a memorandum proposed which was later approved by the minister of defence and in 1969 Services Country Club came into existence."

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